NFL Week 2 – 9/16/18

DK cash 9.16.18

Week 2 DrafKings Review – 2018 NFL Season

When you start off the year with the success rate we had in week 1 there is a danger of getting ahead of one’s self. Week 2 brings me back to reality and I’ll review what went well and what didn’t here with a breakdown of my cash lineup. When looking over pricing it was clear that we didn’t have the same advantages we did last week with missed priced players to give us many different options. The tighter pricing structure makes the decisions that much more important. All signs pointed to juicy matchups for both Antonio Brown ($8800) and Todd Gurley ($9200) so much so that I locked them in early. The problem with having a couple of high priced guys that you’re not willing to move off of is that it makes building a solid lineup around them a little more challenging. I really liked Melvin Gordon this week as well, but there was no way I could fit him in. Going forward when building cash lineups, it would probably be wise to lean towards a safer floor by picking a high-volume RB over the premium priced WR. The lineup construction forced me toward Keenum at QB who I thought was in a good spot against the Raiders but doesn’t have much upside. Tough to swallow when Mahommes went off. Tevin Coleman and James Conner were must plays given their opportunity to cost ratio. The other problem with this lineup is that I was forced to punt at TE. Texans D was the chalk this way in a matchup against a backup QB playing behind a makeshift O-line. It just didn’t work out.


For tournaments this week I had a lot of the pieces but didn’t have them put together right causing a near whiff for the week, only cashing in 2 GPP’s.

RESULTS: Cash lineup won only 16/46 for a 34.7% win rate. Total ROI for the week was a paltry -72% putting us under level for the year.

Process wasn’t wrong but need to test back and not lock in too early as the core players were decided upon by Friday evening. Overall, this week was Another Bad Call.


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