NFL Week 3 2018 Results

week 3 2018 cash lineup

Week 3 on the NFL turned out to be one that was there to be had that got derailed by a hasty decision. A matchup with the Falcons defense that likes to funnel opposing offenses towards pass catching backs. Just the week before they had given up 14 receptions to Christian McAffrey and Kamara is step up from there so I decided he would be the cornerstone of any cash lineup I was building this week. In order to fit his price tag I would have to find value. Tyler Boyd has quietly become the number two receiver in Cincinnati picking up most of the slot work and at $3700 seemed like the steal of the week. When Jay Ajayi was ruled out it looked as if Cory Clement would be a no brainer at his price point and allowed to build a pretty balanced lineup the rest of the way. I liked Julio in a game with a high point total and felt that he would be a target monster against a Saints squad that had been torched by Mike Evans in week one.

The decision that killed me this week was a two versus two that was made quickly early Sunday morning when I had plans that took me away from my normal process of working up until game times. My original lineup had Matt Ryan and Emmanuel Sanders. I got a little nervous about playing 3 players from the same game. When Leonard Fournette was ruled out for the week I thought Cole would get more work and have a higher floor, while Jimmy G was going to have to play catchup in a shootout with the Chiefs. This is the second week in a row that I made a last second choice that cost me dearly. The point difference was 30.12 which would have returned me 84% in the black rather than the 76% loss on the week that I ended up at.

The encouraging thing is that I have been on the right path and landing on the right players with my research. Need to trust my initial instincts and continue to grind through the data and information. My player pool has been there, just need to piece them together in the right way. On to week 4!

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