NFL Week 9 2018: Riding the wave

DK cash week 9 11.4.18

Another week in the book for the 2018 season. We have reached the point in the year where the information that we have to go on is current year and good enough to make real decisions. It is the heart of the bye weeks which makes for a narrower pool of players to consider, making each decision more critical. For those of you in the same boat as me you have settled in to a process. This week I identified my desire to play Cam Newton at QB very early. Before I had even read and articles or looked at any metrics I knew that I would lock him in against the terrible Tampa defense that just leaks points to opposing offenses. The next player that I locked into was Travis Kelce. He was the only top end TE on the slate and had a great matchup against the Browns. I’ve messed around with a few TE situations where I made really big leaps to play a cheap play and that experience made me want to lock in a stud in a blow up spot.

The next step in my process was to figure out my RB situation. It has become hard not to lock on to Todd Gurley at this point. He has a floor that starts at most players ceilings and was priced down from the past 2 weeks. Alvin Kamara was priced down to reflect having Mark Ingram back in play but in a game with a total that started off at 60 was going to lean towards a game script where Kamara would have to go off. To get the highest priced QB, RB, and TE into a lineup I was going to have to search for some value. Nick Chubb had the lead back role and an avenue to get himself 20 touches for $4500 which is hard to find. Going against a Chiefs team that scores by the bunches would lead his team to need to speed things up. After some trade deadline action Sutton popped as someone who would be in line for more targets and had displayed a red zone threat so was easy to play at $3900. Originally I was on DJ Moore and Golladay but when Steff Diggs was ruled out I decided to swallow a punt play in Treadwell so that I could get up to Kupp who as Jared Goff’s security blanket was sure to have a reasonable floor and ceiling within his range. There were a couple D’s at $2300 that I could live with but the Bronco’s pass rush against a Texans O-line that was having trouble keeping Watson on his feet made sense.

I don’t really have much regret with this lineup. I feel the sacrifice on Treadwell was worth it to get to Kupp which was the only real decision I was weighing in the hour before the slate kicked off. I won 24/35 H2H’s and easily cashed my double up as well this week. Had minimal tournament success but I didn’t play as many this week so I booked a win on this slate. I really want to spend some time working on building tournament lineups as I feel my cash building is pretty solid. Feeling good and ready to move on to the next week!

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