Week 14 NFL 2018: Small Wins Count

DK cash week 14 12.9.18

A lot of value presented itself heading into the week 14 DK main slate with Jeffrey Wilson, Justin Jackson, and Jaylen Samuels all being viable sub-$4k options at the RB position. This allowed for flexible roster constructions that allowed us to get whoever we wanted in our lineups. The question was whether to play 1, 2, or even 3 and choose where to pay up. I started my roster construction by looking at which of these low priced guys I considered to be in the best spot and decided that Samuels with his receiving capability and the best matchup/O-line combination made the most sense. I was pretty confident that the KC offense would flow through Kelce against a tough Ravens D so I wanted to prioritize him. The other lock for my lineup this week was Keenan Allen. He has been on a tear with a boat load of targets and a great matchup this week.

To fit those guys I would have to make a sacrifice and only get one of the premium RB’s. I considered Barkley over McCaffrey but CMC has been on a tear and there were 2 deciding factors for me: Newton was nursing a shoulder injury so would need to rely on his RB more, and when OBJ was ruled out I thought it would allow the opposing defense to lock in on Barkley. At the WR position Godwin seemed like a no-brainer in a game that looked as if it would be a shootout on a team that is pass heavy. He ended up getting 10 targets so I think it was still the right move. DaSean Hamilton was min priced at $3000 and was named a starter when Manny Sanders hit the IR with an achilles tear. Phillip Lindsay still seemed underpriced to me at $6300 so was a natural fit in my lineup.

My biggest regret of the week was playing Watson. I wasn’t feeling comfortable with him and his low passing rate, without his slot receiver, and in a second divisional matchup. I strongly considered Josh Allen and should have trusted his rushing floor.

Results: This lineup was just above the break even line as it won 24/41 H2H’s and broke the cash lineup in the massive $25 double up. Happy to book a small win on the week and move on to week 15!

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