Wildcard WaaWaa….

dk cash wildcard 1.5.19

Much like my beloved Bears, I am nursing a rough loss today. Unlike them, I wasn’t in it at the end in my cash plays this week. After a couple of weeks off from this blog I thought I’d better get back to it, even though this isn’t exactly a shining moment to be writing about. I think it is important to examine the process though.

The lineup that you see above is not where I started out. When the games opened I had Zeke Elliott, Allen Robinson, and Chargers D in my lineup. After I missed badly with Hopkins/Hilton/Thomas I was drawing very thin in both my double up and the H2H’s that I played. I felt that my best chance to win was to pivot to a contrarian lineup so that if those highly owned guys ended up missing that I would have a chance to pass my opponents up. Unfortunately it didn’t work out for me.

I wanted to play Luck due to his matchup and upside. Though his team dominated, he didn’t really go off. I also figured that Hilton was a great upside play with all of his previous success. In hindsight I should have paid down at the position so that I could get Ebron in the lineup. Another regret is the decision not to play Keke Coutee. When I found out he would be active I strongly considered him due to the targets he had been peppered with but was nervous to pull the trigger.

Obviously with the final score on this lineup it did not return anything. Thankfully I did have a few tournament lineups that had Coutee and Robinson so I was able to minimize the weekends losses. Unlike my Bears I will be back next weekend and thankful to have the opportunity for quick redemption. Now that the top two defenses are out of the playoffs we should be in for a much higher scoring slate. Good luck in the Divisional round.

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