The Week 2 Fizzle

Daily fantasy football can be a humbling experience. Even when you put in the work, sometimes you just make a few wrong decisions. After coming out of the gate strong in week 1, I was quickly humbled as week 2 was nearly a complete misfire. I feel pretty good about my process but there were a couple of things that I can look back on that I will need to keep in mind going forward.

DK cash week 2 9.15.19

When studying up for week 2 the KC-OAK game stood out as one to target from a game flow standpoint. Derek Carr, Josh Jacobs, Tyrell Williams, and Darren Waller all stood out as values based on pricing. I knew that I couldn’t play them all and both Jacobs and Williams popped at the top of my FantasyLabs model. There were several other QB’s that I liked so I knew I wouldn’t go with Carr. The price on Jacobs was just too enticing to me even though I had a feeling he wasn’t going to be a stud on the day because he isn’t involved much in the passing game. Clearly I should have paid attention to that feeling.

The first guy that I locked in on for the week was Alvin Kamara. After the Rams got shredded by CMC the previous week, he was set up to have similar success given his role. The Brees injury really derailed this play so I can’t fault it too much. With all the value available this week it wasn’t hard to fit Barkley in. It’s always nice when you can get 2 stud RB’s in the lineup. He started off fast and it looked like he was in for a big day. The production was acceptable but not enough.

The QB decision came down to Allen or Mahomes. I just felt that Allen’s price and equity with his legs was the better route for a cash lineup. Pairing Brown with his QB fit well as he is the number one in Buffalo and priced well. I wanted a piece of the KC offense and even though his price jumped I felt like Watkins was a solid play. I don’t really think that was the wrong route to go, it just so happened the TD’s didn’t go his way. As for the balance of the lineup, I really like Texans D against a 6th round rookie QB so that play was easy to lock on. TJ Hockenson seemed like he was going to be a sizable part of the Lions offensive attack after week 1. Clearly playing rookie TE’s is a little thin.

The lineup misfired and it cost dearly in the win column. It missed out on the cash line for all double ups and only won 3/40 H2H’s. No luck in the GPP realm this week as my core players missed. Just goes to show that we can’t get too high or low off a single week performance. Still up for the year so gotta look at the bright side. Back at it again next week.

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