Opportunity Needed

Week 11 Opportunity Needed

by Josh West


Happy week 11 everyone!   Sorry this is so late, but hopefully you’ll still be able to use it.  I’ve switched things up a bit this week and I’ll explain how after we go over results from week 10.



Two players had more touches than their TNF3xValue and the result was split.  Lamar Jackson had a great ROI while having less touches.  That’s always nice to see, but imagine where it would have been if he got to 34 touches.  Across the week things are a little clearer.


11% of qualifying players had an ROI of 3+ with less touches while 22% got their touches and had an ROI of 3+.


Now onto this week.  This week we’ll be looking at ONF or Opportunity Needed.  The only difference between ONF and TNF is it used targets instead of receptions.  The purpose of this because we use attempts for passing and rushing, but were only counting the actual receptions.  That didn’t seem right to me.  The other change I’ll be doing this week is that I’m going to give you the top 3 players at each position who 3x salary is greater than the below chart, but doesn’t exclude players whose ONF3X is higher than their Opt/G.


Let’s see the top 3 at each position this week.

onf chart

**Adam Thielen and Austin Hooper were the top choices at their respective positions, but since they aren’t playing I left them out.

I’ll be curious to see how changing from TNF to ONF affects the numbers.  As always I hope you find value in this.  If you have any feedback or suggestions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or hit us up on social media.


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