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Week 12 Opportunities Needed For Value

by JD West 11/22/19

I switched things up last week and went with Opportunities Needed instead of Touches Needed so I was curious how things would shake out.  Turns out, there’s not that much difference.  I honestly didn’t expect much of a difference since it really only replace receptions with targets.  All that said, let’s see how the players faired.


Overall the numbers were quite even across the weekend.  Those players that had more opportunities than what was predicted they would need for 3x value pretty much split right down the middle.  The numbers for Touches needed were almost identical.


Moving onto this week let’s see what players jump out at you.  These are the top 3 at each position who have a 3x Salary higher than a predetermined level.  QB/WR/FLEX = 18, RB = 17, TE = 12.  If at a minimum you get those point levels, your floor would be 146 points.

wk12 onf

Given just these players I actually like using Carr, Henry, Ridley, and Griffin as building blocks.  Which players would you put in your lineup?


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