Opportunity Needed

Week 13 Opportunities Needed For Value

by JD West 11/29/19

Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone. Hope you all gorged on turkey, stuffing, pie, and dfs victories. Before we look at this weeks plays let’s see how week 12 shook out.

Wk 12 ONF Results

Only two of the plays had more opportunities than what was predicted they would need to hit an ROI of 3x or higher. Of those two, they split the result. Also had two players get to the 3x ROI without fully hitting their ONF 3x. Overall there were 42 players whose Wk 12 Opt > ONF 3x.

Over ONF Counts

The numbers still support the obvious. If a player hits their ONF, they have a better chance of returning a 3x ROI. This isn’t rocket science. More opportunities should equal more points. The goal is to find those players that provide opportunity at a lower cost to reach value. With that said we’ll move onto week 13 and see what we can work out. In order for players to qualify they need to have a 3x value of: QB = 18, RB = 17, WR = 18, TE = 12. These are hopefully floor values.

QB with 3x ROI >= 18
RB with 3x ROI >= 17
WR with 3x ROI >= 18
***Hilton has been ruled out of week 13.***
TE with 3x ROI >= 12

Keep in mind that these don’t account for the matchup in any way. As a bonus here are a few cheaper plays that I think have a good chance of paying off in GPP.

Low cost GPP Options

As always I thank you for your time and welcome any feedback or questions. This is a passion project that I hope provides some value, even if it’s just entertainment value. Best of luck to you all.

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