Touches Needed

Week 10 Touches Needed for Value

ABC Featured Content   by Josh West 11-9-19

What a rollercoaster week 9 was for this guy.  I started out pretty decent only to watch all profits disappear by the 2nd half of the early games.  I was losing everywhere until the last 5 minutes of the late games.  Luckily the TB @ SEA game went in to OT and allowed me to break even.  If you’re like me, breaking even counts as a win.  My process is starting to help out a little bit so we’ll just keep working at it.  With that said, let’s see how the numbers played out last week.



Of the 6 players that were on the model and played, 4 had more touches than their TNF 3x.  3 of those 4 had an ROI 0f 3 or higher.  It’s a small sample, but it hit pretty decent.  Across all of the games in week 9 the results look like this:


Now onto this week.  As always the criteria is simple.  A player’s touchespergame (TPG) must be higher than their touches needed for 3x (TNF 3x) and their 3x Salary has to be higher than the below chart.


Here are all the players that qualify.



Once again, no wideouts qualified for the list which I think speaks more on pricing than anything else.  I’m working on a something that might provide a little help at that position, but want to make sure it’s right before I post.

If you’re reading this it likely means you haven’t totally lost faith in the system yet so thank you!  This is an evolving process and I’m trying to make tweaks weekly to see where I can squeeze out more value for you.  I appreciate you taking the time and going on this ride with me.  As always, best of luck to you and please feel free to provide any feedback.


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